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Easy and Convenient Retractable Awning Accessories: Remote Controls and Wind Sensors offers two easy-to-install and easy-to-use awning accessories, which work with our SunSurrender II retractable awnings: remote controls and wind sensors.

Retracting an awning helps extend the fabric lifetime by cutting down unnecessary UV and sun exposure and protecting it from rain and snow:

  • Donít leave an awning open all the time.
  • Only extend an awning when itís in use.

Proper use of retractable awnings is even easier with BudgetAwnings.comís remote controls and wind sensors.

Remote controls will automatically extend or close retractable awnings with a simple button. The radio controls are non-directional, so you can point and click anywhere Ė even from inside or around corners. Remote controls make it simple to extend retractable awnings during sunlight, close them during rain or at night, and extend them when needed. These awning remote controls are available in one, two, four, or six channels, so up to six awnings can be controlled through a single remote; these remotes also work with wind sensors.

An even more convenient accessory is a wind sensor, which automatically opens and closes SunSurrender II retractable awnings. One of the elements most likely to damage a retractable awning is high winds. An anemometer continuously monitors the wind speed, and the wind sensor uses your preset levels to determine when to close the awning. When the wind speed hits that preset level, the retractable awning closes, without your having to intervene. We highly recommend using a wind sensor for safety reasons, and because it prevents wind damage and makes using your retractable awning automatic. wind sensors are simple and effective:
  • Wind speed range from 5mph to 31 mph.
  • Simple button-based settings.
  • Premier European design and manufacturing.
  • Dip switch setting in the wind sensor to automatically extend the retractable awning after 12 minutes, if the wind speed has dropped sufficiently. This is exclusive to, and makes it much easier to leave your retractable awnings unattended so that the awning can be left open without fear of damage from high winds while still providing UV protection for pets and outdoor areas.
  • Works with BudgetAwnings.comís radio remote controls.
  • Low voltage with a simple electrical plug-in; no electrician or construction assistance required for installation.
  • Encased in a weatherproof box (5"L x 3Ĺ"W x 2 ľ"H).

Anemometer. Easily installed on any retractable awning with an L bracket (included).


Awnings Wind Control
Weatherproof Wind Sensor Box

Awnings Wind Sensor
Plug-in Connection for Retractable Awning Wind Sensors

Awnings Cover
Protective Outlet Cover for Wind Sensor Plug-in


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