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Awnings Pitch Info

Patio CoversThe pitch of retractable awnings is the angle of the awnings’ slope, how much the end of the awning drops when it’s fully extended. Another way of looking at it, the pitch is the height of the retractable awning's front bar in relation to the height the mounting location of the retractable awning.

The pitch of canvas awnings can be easily suited depending on your awning situation. SunSurrender II retractable awnings can have a slope up to 90 degrees (straight out). SunSurrender II has an adjustable pitch crank system, so the slope can be changed depending on the angle of the sun. Remember three things as you adjust the SunSurrender II awning pitch:

  • A steeper angle is required to provide adequate runoff for rain.
  • A shallower pitch provides a larger shade area.
  • The angle of retractable awnings affects their maximum strength, or their wind load.

For maximum strength, the rule of thumb is to have 3 inches of drop for every foot of projection that the awning can extend. For example, if the SunSurrender II awning has a 10’ projection, then the total drop should be 30" lower than the mounting point. So if the awning is mounted 10' high on, then the end of the awning should be 7 1/2' from the ground, which is 30” lower.

A few example recommended pitches are listed below. These awning pitches are recommended angles for maximum strength. These are only recommendations; feel free to adjust the pitch using the adjustable crank pitch to change the slope depending on your conditions:

Recommended Awnings Pitch


Either In. Drop per Ft.

or Total Drop
8' either - 3 inches per foot or - 24 inches total drop


either - 3 inches per foot

or - 30 inches total drop

Important: Canvas Deck Awnings - Pitch and Rain
Awnings must have a steep enough pitch to allow for rain run off; pooling water can damage the awning fabric or frame. To check if there is a steep enough pitch, spray water on the fabric and check that it runs off the front.

Additionally, never allow snow or ice to build up on the awning. Always retract your awning during winter to keep snow from gathering on the awning.



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