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Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings Installation Instructions


Mounting a lateral arm awning to the structure CORRECTLY is VERY important. The awning wall brackets must be securely fastened to support the tension on the square bar created by the wind.

Fastening wall brackets to studs, joists, headers or other major structural members is recommended to accomplish a proper installation for retractable awnings, patio covers, patio awnings, commercial awnings & deck awnings.

The width of the awning determines the number of brackets required. This is based on engineering specifications. If extra optional awning brackets are needed please advise and they will be shipped at the appropriate cost.

When using two wall brackets, position the first awning bracket by centering it between end of square bar and arm attachment. (Fig.1). The second retractable awning bracket will mount the same way on the opposite end of the awning.

When using three wall brackets, same as above for the first two brackets. The third bracket should be positioned in the center of the awning (+- 12 inches).

On wide widths, the awning will be supplied with a center support. The center support should be as close as possible to the center of the awning and should be placed directly opposite the awnings closest fabric seam

On projections of 8’10" and over, a wall bracket should be mounted on both sides of each awning arm as close as possible to the arm attachments (Fig. 2)


The height of the front awning bar will determine the mounting height of the wall brackets.

The suggested pitch for Sunsurrender patio covers and retractable awnings is 3" per foot of projection (i.e. 10’ projection = 30" height difference of brackets and front bar)

If the suggested pitch cannot be obtained due to the mounting height restrictions, you may want to consider mounting the retractable awning on the roof.

After determining the wall bracket height, add 3 ¼" to height and snap a level line on the wall. This line indicates the top of the wall bracket. Also mark on the wall, the location of both ends of the awning and arm brackets.

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Awnings Bracket
 Wall or Fascia Mount Bracket

Patio Covers
Ceiling/Eave/Overhang bracket OR for a wall mount when the optional hood is purchased

Patio Covers
ADJUSTABLE angle roof mount bracket for any slope or flat roof mount



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